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Each month, our Myhealth doctors will be sharing their expertise and providing information on a variety of health topics. Here we'll discuss Yellow Fever and other diseases and the precautions you can take to avoid contracting them. We have a number of Myhealth centres accredited for Yellow Fever and these are:

Be sure to also read our Men's Health article which provides general advice on male issues and the steps you can take to stay in good health.

Men's Health

Author: Dr Inanch Mehmet - Myhealth Oran Park (QLD)

On such a broad topic of Men's Health, this article gives some great general advice for men between 40 to 74 years old on common issues to watch out for and how to maintain your health.

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First Trimester Screening and NIPT

Author: Dr Kenneth Mackun - Myhealth Macquarie Centre (NSW)

Pregnancy is an exciting time for women and their partners. However, it can also be a period of uncertainty when we hope for a healthy baby to develop, and therefore, we want to screen for certain developmental abnormalities, including chromosomal abnormalities.

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Going to the Olympics

With the Rio Olympic Games fast approaching, now is the time to prepare for travel to South America. This year's Olympics will be held in the coast city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and runs from 5 August - 21 August 2016. Talk to your doctor about how to avoid disease during your trip.

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