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    Arthie Maharaj

    Arthie Maharaj



    Speaks English

    Meet Arthie Maharaj

    Hello, if you’re thinking about seeing a psychologist, here is some information to guide your decision.

    First, it is helpful to remember that from time to time, we all face challenging circumstances – so you are not alone. At these times, seeking support can make all the difference in how we react, cope, and even grow and recover from our difficulties. As a psychologist, I am trained to help you understand your experiences, build resilience, and learn skills to reduce distress and enhance coping. Psychological treatment is therefore an investment in your wellbeing and personal growth that is helpful throughout life.

    I am an experienced psychologist in practice for over 19 years. I have worked in various settings including; private practice, at mental health hospitals and as a school counsellor. My approach to therapy is down-to-earth and guided by my values of integrity, compassion, inclusivity, and a passion for fostering growth. I have formal training in a variety of therapies including CBT, DBT (intensive training), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema therapy, certified Circle of Security facilitator and am a RO DBT practitioner.

    I have training and experiencing in supporting clients with a range of difficulties including;
    – Depression – Grief and loss
    – Stress and burnout – Adjusting to changes in life
    – Trauma – Low self esteem
    – Difficulties with anger – Perinatal depression and anxiety
    – Bipolar Disorder – Personality Disorders
    – Phobias (closed spaces, animals, heights, medical procedures)
    – Obsessive compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    – Anxiety (social, excessive worry, panic)
    – Parent coaching (Circle of security training, understanding, and responding to problem behaviours)
    – Injured workers (treatment for workplace bullying, trauma, stress, pain and dealing with loss of

    Special Interest: I am passionate about increasing awareness of problems of overcontrol and perfectionism.

    Usually wanting to do things properly, being careful and organised, valuing rules, planning and being dutiful are considered good qualities. However, sometimes we can have “too much of a good thing” and these behaviours and ways of thinking can start to hurt us and those around us. People who have problems with overcontrol, tend to feel anxious and overwhelmed a lot of the time, experience recurring depression, feel socially anxious, have difficulty connecting with others, have rigid beliefs and routines and might have disordered eating. I am trained in RO DBT, a therapy aimed at addressing problematic overcontrol. Funding options: Medicare, workers compensation, NDIS (plan & self-managed), and private health fund. Available for telehealth and in-person appointments