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    Become a Local Partner

    Myhealth offers doctors a unique opportunity to become a practice owner while having the financial security of partnering with an experienced national operator.

    The growth and success of our medical clinics is shared by partnering with motivated, innovative and progressive doctors.

    This has led Myhealth to become Australia's fastest growing, 
reputable medical centre operators.

    Local Partnerships

    Elevate your medical career with Myhealth

    Myhealth empowers doctors to own their practice while enjoying the financial security of partnering with a leading national operator. Our collective success, driven by innovative doctors, has propelled Myhealth to become Australia's fastest-growing and trusted medical centre operator. Join us to unlock new career possibilities and shape the future of healthcare.

    Why partner with us


    Practice ownership

    Be in control of your practice while benefitting from a strong partnership with a leading national operator

    Shield Money

    Financial security

    Enjoy financial stability and growth prospects as part of our trusted medical centre network


    Rapid growth

    Join a dynamic and rapidly growing network, making your career more exciting and rewarding

    Bulb Environment

    Innovative environment

    Be part of an innovative healthcare community where your ideas can shape the future of healthcare


    Trusted operator

    Myhealth is a trusted name in the medical industry, providing a platform for your success

    Tele Health

    Career opportunities

    Unlock new career possibilities and elevate your professional journey as a local partner GP at Myhealth

    Work with us

    Join our journey, together towards success

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