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    Practice Partnership

    Enhance your practice's potential through a partnership with Myhealth. Our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation ensures that your practice remains at the forefront 
of quality healthcare delivery.

    By joining our network, you gain access to a trusted, nationally recognised brand while retaining the autonomy to deliver exceptional patient care.

    Explore the strategic advantages of a Myhealth partnership and position your practice for sustained growth and excellence.

    Why partner with us


    Retain ownership

    Established practices can partner with Myhealth while retaining part ownership, ensuring a smooth transition and succession planning.


    Valuation & wealth creation

    Myhealth offers attractive valuation, providing opportunities for wealth creation as your practice becomes part of our network.

    General Health

    Security in GP network

    Myhealth offers the security of a strong GP network model, where you can not only benefit from our experience but also engage with other experienced GP partners, providing valuable opportunities to share ideas and experiences.


    Work-life balance

    Enjoy improved work-life balance with Myhealth's management support and operational efficiencies, allowing you to focus on patient care and your team on the ground.

    Corporate Health

    Registrar Training Support Program

    Myhealth's excellent reputation as a training provider attracts registrars who are eager to benefit from our comprehensive training programs and the opportunity for professional growth.

    Telehealth (2)

    Technological advancements

    Stay at the forefront of healthcare with Myhealth's technological workflow advances, ensuring your practice remains competitive and efficient.

    Join forces. Share knowledge.

    Together we can make a meaningful impact

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