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    Dr Chindhu Shunmuga

    Dr Chindhu Shunmuga



    Speaks English

    Meet Dr Chindhu Shunmuga

    Chindhu trained in India, with specialty training in psycho-oncology and health. Her experience involves working with a range of audience demographics such as children, adolescents, burns’ victims, abuse victims, couples going through divorce, patients with terminal illness and their carers.

    Chindhu has a keen interest in working with people experiencing anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, eating disorders, work stress, low self-esteem, anger issues, risk taking behaviour, distress, body image disturbances and grief. She has an extensive experience in supporting people with health-based presentations such as cancer and chronic pain.

    Chindhu held an academic teaching position in Psychology in India, before moving to Australia to pursue her PhD in Psychology (Research). Chindhu can speak English and Tamil (regional Indian language).

    With a warm and practical approach to her work, Chindhu has a passion for working with clients who have disabilities. She is trained in several evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy.

    Chindhu is empathetic, flexible in adapting treatment to clients’ characteristics, sensitive to cultural differences and approachable. She works with clients to help them overcome personal obstacles.

    Key Expertise
    • Anxiety and depression disorders
    • Psycho-oncology and health
    • Cognitive assessment such as WAIS, WISC and reporting
    • Psychological assessments and reports
    • Diverse range of adults from different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds

    Doctor of Philosophy, Science (Psycho-oncology).
    Master of Philosophy, Psycho-oncology
    Master of Science Counselling Psychology
    Bachelor of Science Psychology

    Cancellation policy:
    A minimum of 24-hours notice must be provided for any cancelled appointments. Cancellations within this timeframe (or non-attendance) may incur a cancellation fee.