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    David Turner

    David Turner



    Speaks English

    Meet David Turner

    BA, BSc(Psy), MA, PhD, Dip Teach, PG Dip Psy, PG Dip App Psy.Psychologist,
    (Registration no; PSY001409759)
    (ABN: 21 691 836 704)
    DVA & WORCOVER accredited.

    Available: Saturday

    David has had over 42 years’ experience working as a teacher, counsellor & Commissioned Officer in the RAAF Specialist & Active Reserve.

    David has worked in a variety of different positions within the NSW Department of Education.

    These have included positions as a classroom teacher, special education (for students with learning difficulties) & most recently (for the past 22 years) as a careers counsellor in an academically selective secondary school.

    This later position has involved assisting senior students to examine their own skills, strengths & abilities to explore various career & tertiary education options available to them & has conducted workshops in, “Study Without Stress” & resilience.

    This role has also involved assisting students deal with a variety of emotional issues that had an influence on their academic success. He has worked with adolescents & adults experiencing:
    Self-esteem issues,
    Eating disorders,
    Academic procrastination,
    Body Dysmorphic Disorder,
    Other mental health issues

    As a commissioned officer in the RAAF reserves (SQNLDR) he has conducted Post Operational Psychological Screens (POPS) for ADF members returning from war zones.

    He has also worked as an Australian Defence Force (ADF) interviewer assisting in the screening applicants for positions in the
    Australian Defence Force.

    David has completed university courses which reflect a progressive interest in human behaviours. He has an Arts degree with majors in History & Educational Psychology;

    he has completed an MA by research which examined human factors involved in the processes of planned educational change & a
    PhD which examined the cognition of teachers identified as exemplary.

    More recently he has completed a BSc degree in psychology followed by Post Graduate Diplomas in Psychology & Applied Psychology where he carried out a research project which examined issues relevant to conflicting personal identities evident in Asian gay men.

    David likes to work with people in a friendly, cooperative manner using a variety of different approaches relevant to context & clients’ personal situation.

    He has a special interest in working with people who have had wartime combat experience, high achieving students experiencing academic
    procrastination / perfectionism & those with general depression / anxiety issues as well as individuals seeking vocational guidance assistance.

    He is particularly interested & sensitive to the influence of cultural background in a person’s psychological well-being. He can work with adults, adolescents & small groups.