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    Practice Manager Jobs

    Myhealth is a leading medical centre operator and 
we attribute our success to the people that work in our organisation.

    Why Myhealth?

    Your path to professional growth

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    We foster continuous learning and growth through structured training programs and a collaborative environment where you can learn from your peers and mentors.

    Elevate your career

    We offer unique career advancement opportunities within a respected, multi-center medical organisation, providing a platform for professional growth and development.

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    Join our inclusive, supportive team at Myhealth, where you'll feel encouraged to learn, grow, and make a meaningful impact in a nurturing work environment.

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    Everything you need to know about Myhealth 
Practice Managers.

    Looking for a Medical Practice Manager Job?

    Do you possess the requisite skills to effectively manage one of our bustling Myhealth medical centres? Are you dependable, reliable, and capable of motivating a dedicated team of medical professionals? If you excel at multitasking and have strong organisational abilities, we encourage you to apply for one of our practice manager jobs.

    MyHealth is a medical business owned and operated by doctors, and since opening its first practice in 2007, it has swiftly become Australia's fastest-growing medical centre group. Our primary focus is on delivering exceptional medical care inclusively to all, and we ensure that all our centre provide inclusive medical services in an welcoming environment. Our medical clinics are frequently located within shopping centres, offering convenient access with excellent accessibility. This eliminates the stress for both our staff and our patients.

    If you have prior experience in previous medical practice manager jobs or you understand the significance of effective team management and fostering a positive working environment then Myhealth sounds like the perfect fit for your next career move. While all MyHealth centres adhere to its core principles, we strie to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients. Each medical centre is independently owned and operated under the Myhealth brand. This allows us to provide our staff with the best possible working conditions and flexibility tailored to their needs.

    What factors should be considered when selecting a prime location for a Practice Manager job?

    MyHealth stands as Australia's fastest-growing GP network, boasting a remarkable presence with over 100 clinics across NSW, QLD, and VIC. This extensive reach ensures that you will find the perfect position in a location that caters to your specific needs. Our clinics are purposefully designed with cutting-edge facilities, providing an ideal working environment for our esteemed staff.

    Each MyHealth centre comprises of a dedicated multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. From highly trained receptionists to nurses, GPs, and a range of healthcare specialists including psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and podiatrists. Everyone at Myhealth collaborates and supports each other in delivering exceptional healthcare to our valued patients. Our goal is to establish a modern and convenient medical service that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for all.

    Why Myhealth is a great place to work as a Medical Practice Manager?

    If you possess the desire to utilise your managerial skills in a non-corporate primary healthcare network and are genuinely passionate about your work, we encourage you to explore our medical practice manager jobs and commence your search for the ideal position with Myhealth today. With numerous locations available, there has never been a more opportune moment to discover our available opportunities. Take advantage of finding a position that aligns perfectly with your aspirations. Don't hesitate, with Myhealth you can unlock the potential for a fulfilling career.

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