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    Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza 2
    Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza 1
    Closed • Opens 08:00 AM Thu chevron-down


    Important Announcement

    Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza no longer sees new patients during the week as Dr Kithmini Weerasinghe is currently on leave for 3 months and will be returning in July. Dr Mann Ying Lim will see new patients on Saturdays. 

    The Doctors at Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza wish to advise that as of 1st April 2024 the fees are increasing.

    The gap will increase to $30 out of pocket after the Medicare rebate. This means that the upfront fees will increase by $5-$10.

    Fees will now also apply for anyone aged over 65 without a concession card. There will be a $20 out of pocket for these consultations.

    MyMedicare Enrolment

    MyMedicare enrolment starts now. Enrol with our centre today. Click here.

    Telephone Consults must be MyMedicare registered:

    The doctors at Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza need patients to register for MyMedicare for all telephone consultations. MyMedicare is a government initiative to encourage continuity of care by nominating your clinic and doctor for your ongoing care. Medicare has added new billing items to allow for the provision of longer telephone consultations for MyMedicare registered patients only, and later this year other services will be limited to MyMedicare patients only. You can register via Medicare online, MyGov or the Medicare App. You will need to register prior to your booked telephone appointment for it to proceed. Forms are available at reception for manual registration if you have trouble registering online.

    About Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza

    Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza offers Mixed Billing Doctors in the practice which is conveniently located at the Coles entry of Grand Plaza Shopping Centre in Browns Plains.


    This centre was purpose built in 2019 and the doctors working at this practice strive to offer medical care of a high standard within the modern facilities provided.Our team pride themselves in providing a friendly, convenient, accessible and professional service to all patients.


    The doctors operate by an appointment based system, accepting walk-ins in emergency situations only as assessed via triage guidelines. Online appointment booking is available and encouraged via the website, via the AMS Connect app or the MyPractice app. The friendly staff of the practice can also book your appointments via phone where required.


    We have two phone numbers, and encourage patients to save both under the surgery or doctors ID in their phones to be sure you don’t miss a call. 
    The numbers are: (07) 3063 3298 or (07) 3809 4555.


    Dr Melissa Cahill is an experienced provider of circumcisions and tongue ties in the Brisbane south area. For more information about these procedures with Dr Cahill see


    Doctors at this practice bill private fees for some services, as full Medicare rebate amounts are not adequate to sustain the provision of quality health care:

    All patients aged 18 years and under will continue to be bulk billed with a valid Medicare card, by all doctors.

    All patients aged over 65years with a Pension or Commonwealth Seniors Card will continue to be bulk billed with a valid Medicare card, by all doctors.

    All patients aged between 19 and 64 with a valid Pension card will continue to be bulk billed with a valid Medicare card, by all doctors.

    All patients outside these categories will be privately billed by most doctors.

    All telephone consults after 7.30 pm will be privately billed by all doctors.

    Regardless of age or pension cards status all appointments after 6pm with Dr Cahill on Thursday Night and all appointments with any doctor on Saturdays will be privately billed.

    The Gap fee or ‘Out of pocket’ amount may vary depending on the service, the individual doctor and the Medicare rebate provided.

    Standard consultations will have an out of pocket amount of $30 for all doctors from April 1st 2024. Patients over 65 years without a concession card will have a discounted out of pocket amount of $20 from April 1st 2024.

    Allied Health & Specialists services must be booked by calling reception on 3809 4555, there are no online bookings for these services.

    We do offer wait-listing for cancellations, so we appreciate as much notice as possible if you can’t attend your booked appointment. With notice we can then offer the time to someone who is waiting for more timely care.

    It is very disruptive for doctors, staff and other patients when someone does not turn up for their booked appointment. This also increases waiting times for patients needing to see the doctor.

    Please be considerate as one day it may be you needing a more timely appointment.

    Patients with multiple missed appointments will face restrictions on their booking ability or loss of Bulk Billing rights.


    General Health

    • Asthma
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Diabetes

    Children's Health

    • Childhood Vaccinations
    • Health Assessments

    Corporate/Occupational Health

    • Workcover and Injuries


    • Covid Vaccination
    • Influenza Vaccination
    • Travel Vaccinations


    • Insurance

    Men's Health

    • Circumcision
    • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Prostate Checks


    IMPORTANT: Doctors at this practice charge fees above the Medicare schedule for all patients aged 19- 64 without a pension card and patients over 65 without a Pension or Commonwealth Seniors card.

    Fees also apply for all weekend visits with any doctor and consults after 6pm weekdays with Dr Cahill.

    The GAP amount after Medicare Rebate is $30 with a discounted GAP of $20 for patients over 65 with no concession card.

    Surcharges incurred for card payments are passed on to the patient and are up to 1.95% dependent on the card used and the issuing bank.

    Cash is only accepted if it is the exact amount, we do not provide change, as cash is not kept onsite.

    Additional Information

    Opening hours

    Monday 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
    Tuesday 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
    Wednesday 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
    Thursday 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM
    Friday 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM
    Saturday 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Special Hours

    Thursday (ANZAC Day – 25 Apr) CLOSED

    Where we're located

    Shop 100 Grand Plaza, 27-49 Browns Plains Rd, Browns Plains QLD 4118

    Our Doctors in Browns Plains Offer Inclusive and Accessible Care

    Welcome to Myhealth Doctors Grand Plaza. Since 2019, we have offered inclusive and accessible health services in our purpose-built clinic. Our Browns Plains Medical Centre is conveniently located at the Coles entry of Grand Plaza Shopping Centre and easily accessible whether you wish to take the bus or drive. We work on an appointment-based system. Appointments can be easily booked via the website, the MyPractice app or by calling the clinic on (07) 3063 3298.Read More

    The Principles of Our Browns Plains Family Practice

    Founded in 2007, Myhealth has been committed to creating a medical community that nurtures the wellness of both patients and doctors. Our Browns Plains Family Practice is fuelled by growth and anchored in the values of empathy and community. We are passionate and believe that every patient deserves to be heard and that their medical concerns will consistently receive the utmost attention from their healthcare providers.

    Convenient Location. Convenient Opening Times

    Myhealth is the largest provider of shopping centre medical centres in Australia. Our clinics is designed to be easily accessible and often offer extended surgery hours for your convenience. Our Browns Plains family practice offers convenient opening hours and we provide After Hours services through the National Home Doctors Service on 13 SICK or 13 74 25. Please check above for up to date opening hours.

    A Reliable Medical Centre in Brown Planes

    The doctors at our Browns Plains centre are patient-focused and treat every patient with respect and empathy. We can assist with a wide variety of general health problems ranging from asthma, diabetes and heart health to mental health issues and chronic disease management. We also offer preventative health services and can advise on weight management.

    Read Less