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    Dr Mark Lim

    Dr Mark Lim


    General Practitioner, Male

    Speaks English

    Meet Dr Mark Lim

    Dr Lim is an Australian trained doctor, graduating from the University Of NSW and became fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2003.

    He was a founder of this practice in 2008.

    He has an interest in general medicine, diabetes, asthma, paediatrics, anxiety and depression, mens health, and performs implanon insertion and removal. He performs limited skin procedural work in areas that are not cosmetically sensitive.

    He speaks English exclusively. Iron transfusions and womens health (pelvic and breast issues) should be directed to appropriate alternate members of this practice.



    • Standard 10 min consult
      • Bulk bill for Medicare card holders who are children under the age of 16, pensioners and concession card holders.
      • A gap of $30 will apply for all other Medicare card holders. For example Saturday standard consult fee after 1pm is $83.90, Medicare reimburses $53.90, patient “out of pocket expense” gap is $30.
    • Longer consults over 10 minutes. $25/5mins total consult fee regardless of age/concession status.
      • Medicare generally reimburses more than half of this fee. Example. 25 min consult = $125 total consult fee. Medicare reimburses $80.10, gap is $44.90.
      • The proportion reimbursed by Medicare is generally less the longer the consult is.
      • All longer consults should be done face to face. Telehealth consult “out of pocket expense” gaps are typically much higher than face to face due to the structure of Medicare reimbursement.
    • Gap likely waived in these situations at the discretion of treating practitioner:
      • Repeat script only.
      • Covid or Influenza vaccination only, administered by nurse.
      • For a subsequent consult to follow up on uncomplicated results, booked by patient at the time test is requested, such follow up is bulk billed. We request all patients to make such bookings so that follow up is not missed. However fees will be applicable if GP is spending time chasing patient regarding abnormal results, or following up on other practitioners results.
      • Regular patient of GP, Medicare eligible for care plan, GPMHTP, or age > 75health assessment.


    (2)ADDITIONAL FEES/SURCHARGE (where relevant)

    • Special investigations: ECG $50 gap, punch biopsy $50gap,
    • Procedures: Implanon $100 gap. Foreign body removal $100gap. Incision and drainage $100gap. Ingrown toenail procedure $200gap. Other procedures to be quoted.
    • Urgent/Same day fit in surcharge, $50
    • RTA private use car- paperwork done for regular patient of GP $30. Commercial drivers license $120. Drivers license paperwork will not be done for new patients.
    • Paperwork $25/5mins+GST=$300/hour+GST.
    • Unlike consultation fees, paperwork fees are not Medicare reimbursable. This rate is based on the NSW government state insurance regulatory authority WCO002 $25.50/5minutes+GST
    • Appointment non attendance, or late cancellation $30
    • Late payment $30 (Payments are expected to be made on the day of consultation. If there is delay of over 1 month, late fee is applicable)
    • Important recall administrative time $30. If a patient has not booked an appointment for their own results and there has been significant administrative burden to recall patient including multiple direct phone call attempts where patients do not answer, fees are applicable to cover for that time and administration.