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    Hero Medicinal Cannabis

    Medicinal Cannabis

    Fast, seamless, 3 steps access

    Are you eligible?

    • Do you have a medical condition which has lasted 3 months or more.
    • Have traditional medicines had little affect or have side effects which have prohibited you from continuing?

    If you have answered yes to these questions you are eligible and can register below for our information pack.

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    Register online

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    Step 3

    Collect Product from Pharmacy


    Everything you need to know about Medical Cannabis Consultations

    What you need to know?

    Dr Mircea Iosif is clinically approved to offer Medicinal Cannabis to eligible patients who may suffer from a chronic or terminal medical condition where conventional medicines do not work, do not work effectively, or have unpleasant side effects.

    What are the requirements?

    You will need to have a discussion with your regular GP or Specialist to obtain a completed referral (see information pack) to Dr Iosif. The referral must include your full medical history, including relevant and recent results, reports and GP Management Plans (GPMP) relating to your illness or condition. If your referral does not include the required, comprehensive information, you may incur additional costs as Dr Iosif cannot make an application to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) on your behalf without these details.

    What do I have to do to get a script for medical cannabis from Dr Iosif?

    1. Register Online or collect Registration Pack from Myhealth Treetops.
    2. Send your Consent Form and GP Referral from your Registration Pack to Myhealth Treetops by dropping them off at our reception, emailing them to or faxing directly to (07) 5593 7411.
    3. We will contact you to set up a Teleconsult with our Medicinal Cannabis Nurse
    4. Following your Teleconsult you will then have one Consultation with Dr Iosif at Myhealth Treetops. Dr Iosif will then apply to the TGA for approval to provide you with a script.
    5. Once the approval from the TGA is received by Dr Iosif, he will send your script directly to the Pharmacy of your choice. Our nurse will advise you when your script has been sent to your Pharmacy. You should then contact your Pharmacist directly and he/she will advise you when your medicinal cannabis product will be ready for you to collect, or to arrange delivery to you. This must be arranged between you and your Pharmacist.

    How much will it cost?

    Registration and Administration:
    (Medicare Rebate of $39.75)
    Suitability Assessment: $75.00
    Application Processing (TGA) $175.00
    Script Approval $75.00
    Follow Up Appointments $75.00
    Follow up Appointments requiring additional approvals
    (ie more than one product)
    Annual Review $150.00


    Note: all fees include GST and all fees are private except for the initial consultation which attracts a Medicare Rebate of $39.75

    How much will the medical cannabis cost and will it be included in the consultation fee?

    The cost for Medicinal Cannabis is not included in your consultation fee and you can expect the costs to be between $4 – $10 per day.

    I am currently prescribed medical cannabis from another practice, can i just see Dr Iosif to get a new script?

    As Medicinal Cannabis is a heavily regulated medication, strict guidelines apply and an initial consultation with Dr Iosif will still be required. All relevant paperwork will need to be supplied.

    If Dr Iosif is unavailable am I able to see another GP at Myhealth Treetops?

    Dr Iosif is the only approved GP at Myhealth Treetops able to see patients in relation to Medicinal Cannabis.

    I have a sore back, will I be approved?

    All medical conditions and patients are different. At present Medicinal Cannabis is available for patients who have a chronic condition that has been ongoing for more than 3 months and is not responding to standard treatment and medications, or the current treatments have side effects. For further details, please refer to the Medicinal Cannabis Informed Consent Form regarding Medical Conditions.

    For more information please visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration or QLD Health

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    Medical Cannabis 
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