For the medical industry, one of these opportunities has been the introduction of Telehealth for all Australians. This is a huge step forward for Australia and we hope will continue to play a role in all our lives in the future.

Last year, Myhealth began to utilise Medinet, an up and coming tech company providing a secure mobile app for patients to connect and consult with GPs, order medication, access referrals and much more. The use of MyPractice has proved extremely beneficial during COVID-19 as they introduced Medinet Consults, a platform for GPs to video consult patients from the safety of their homes. Using Medinet’s services has meant Myhealth could protect not only our patients but also our GPs and medical staff.

We asked one of our staff members to document their experience using the MyPractice app, from registering a profile all the way to ordering medication to their home. This is their experience.

“When I first heard about the Medinet app I was super excited at the prospect of a medical app that finally fit in with our busy lives, so I definitely wanted to be one of the first people to try this app out and what I found was really, really great and I was pretty surprised at how diverse the app actually is.

It had a lot of features I wasn’t aware about, just from the home menu it has sections about Medications, Pathology Results, Specialist Referrals, you can book an Appointment online as well. It has everything you will ever need for your medical results and history.

Consulting with a GP from the app is really easy, it’s on the front page, you just click on the Consult GP now button and fill out some of your symptoms maybe write a little bit of extra information for the doctor and then you get to choose the GP that your actually going to speak to.

It takes a lot of time for me to go to the GP, get scripts refilled constantly and so I wanted to see how easy it was with this app to get that script refilled, to get the medication to my door. Within minutes, I had a script in my phone that I could view and then I was able to through the app order the medication with a chemist and the chemist sent it directly to my door.

Overall, the MyPractice app really is an all -in-one medical app that fits in the palm of your hand.”