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    Dr Stacey Deshong

    Dr Stacey Deshong


    General Practitioner, Female

    Speaks English

    Meet Dr Stacey Deshong

    Dr. Stacey is a proud Logan local, committed to serving the community she calls home. She is graduate of the University of Queensland and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

    A Lifelong Learner with Local Insight:
    Having completed her junior doctor training terms in Far North Queensland, Dr. Stacey returned to Logan in 2013, bringing a wealth of experience and a genuine connection to the local landscape.

    Dr. Stacey's commitment to lifelong learning fuels her diverse professional interests, including:

    • Veterans’ Health:
      • General consultations
      • ADF post-discharge reviews
      • One-off Veterans Health Checks
      • Annual Veterans Health Checks
      • Permanent Impairment assessments
      • Ongoing care through the CVC program (where the patient is eligible)
    • Work Cover
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
    • Musculoskeletal Medicine
    • Women’s Health: Menopause, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Implanon insertion and removal, and Mirena removal.


    A "Whole of Person" Approach:
    In Dr. Stacey's care, it's not just about symptoms; it's about the whole person. Her approach considers the social, cultural, biological, economic, occupational, and environmental aspects of your life, recognizing their intrinsic connection to your overall well-being. The care she provides is inclusive and trauma-informed.

    Doctors Fees - Dr Stacey
    Our commitment is to provide you with excellent care and transparent communication, including our fee structure.

    DVA patients:

    • DVA Gold card holders-no out of pocket costs
    • DVA White card holders (where the GP consultation relates to a DVA Accepted
      Condition)-no out of pocket costs
    • DVA Permanent Impairment assessment and paperwork-no out of pocket costs


    Medicare eligible patients:
    Patients without a concession card will incur a private fee as below:

    Concession card holders and children <16

    Concession card holders and children (under 16 years old) are bulk billed for appointments up to 10 minutes duration. For other consultations (>20 minutes), private fees apply as below:

      Fee Medicare rebate Your contribution
    Standard (10 minutes) $66.00 $41.40 $24.60
    Long (20 minutes) $132.00 $80.10 $51.90
    Prolonged (40 minutes) $264.00 $118.00 $146.00


    See our helpful Appointment Time Guide to ensure the doctor has enough time to manage to best manage your unique concerns.

    Anxiety management program-Focused Psychological Strategies and Cognitive
    Behavioural Therapy (for patients with a MHCP):

      Fee Medicare rebate Your contribution
    60-minute initial review $396.00 $146.10 $249.90
    40-minute continuing
    $264.00 $146.10 $117.90


    Work Cover: For patients without a Work Cover claim number, medical reviews are privately billed. The patient can request reimbursement from Work Cover. Any reimbursement for medical expenses is at the discretion of Work Cover. Procedures such as skin lesion biopsies or excisions, and Implanon insertion incur an additional fee-please discuss at your appointment.

    Ease with Bulk Billing:
    Concession card holders and children (under 16 years old) are bulk billed for appointments up to 10 minutes duration. For other consultations (over 10 minutes), private fees apply asabove.

    GP Care Plan Support:
    GP Management Plans are bulk billed.

    No show? Oh No!:
    We understand life gets busy. If you can't make it, kindly let us know before the day of the appointment so we can accommodate other bookings. Missed appointments incur a "no-show" fee of $40 for a short appointment, and late arrivals for a booked appointment may be privately billed at the time-based rate for which you booked.

    Tips for Saving Time (and Money!):

    • Please bring a list of items you would like to discuss for review at the beginning of the consultation. This technique is very helpful in efficient management planning!
    • Please bring in a list of your current medications and allergies to your appointment.
    • New to our practice? Ensure your New Patient Details form is completed early and accurately. Arriving 10 minutes before your appointment ensures a punctual start.
    • Transitioning your care from a different GP clinic? Confirm we've received your medical records for a smooth integration. Please ask our friendly receptions staff to assist you with this!


    Appointment time guide*:

    10 minutes (standard appointment)- One medical issue that is straightforward, for example:

    • Cold and flu symptoms
    • Gastro symptoms
    • Blood pressure check
    • Routine or follow up pathology requests.
    • Joint pain (single joint)
    • Smoking cessation
    • Sinus issues
    • Ear pain
    • Discussion of results
    • New referrals to a specialist
    • Medical certificate
    • Repeat prescription (not for opioids or benzodiazepines)

    20 minutes (long appointment)- All patients who are new to Dr Stacey, a long appointment is recommended. Otherwise, 20 minutes is required for:

    Two medical issues (as above for short appointment), OR

    One complex medical issue, for example:

    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    • Menopause
    • Initial pregnancy consultation
    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Abnormal vaginal discharge
    • Pelvic pain
    • Breast pain
    • Breast lumps
    • Mental Health
    • Multiple painful joints
    • Unintentional weight loss
    • Weight loss consultations
    • Dizziness
    • Fatigue
    • Insomnia
    • Skin checks
    • Mirena removal
    • Cervical screening tests
    • Abdominal pain
    • Headaches
    • Cardiovascular risk review
    • STI testing
    • Contraceptive
    • Diabetes review
    • Asthma review
    • COPD review
    • Follow up GP review after hospital admission


    40 minutes (prolonged appointment):

    Three of more medical issues, OR

    Two complex issues, OR

    New patients with a complex medical history.

    *List is a guide only. Actual appointment times may vary depending on Dr Stacey’s assessment on the day.

    More Information

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