Did you know that General Practitioners generally do NOT have access to a reliable, comprehensive patient Health Summary or details of your medical records from other GPs, specialists, or the hospital system?

No doubt surprising in 2024! Unfortunately, the technology has not kept up with the requirement for efficient access to a comprehensive centralised medical information system. For patients who are new to our practice but have had care managed in the past at a different practice, here are some tips from Dr Stacey to help ensure nothing slips through the cracks:

Tip 1

Book with your former GP for a final review to:

  • Address any outstanding recalls or test results
  • Check when you are next due for important preventative health activities such as mammograms, skin checks, cervical screening tests and bowel health checks (put these in your calendar!)
  • Discuss and clarify with the GP your management plan moving forward
  • Obtain a “Patient Health Summary” which should include:
    • All current medical conditions
    • Past Medical History: important conditions, and surgeries from the pas
    • Medications list
    •  Allergies
    • Upcoming preventative health activities
    • Management plan
  • Request from your GP reports, letters from your specialists and pathology reports (these are
    a VERY important part of your medical chart)
  • Request a copy of the Health Summary, Specialists letters and pathology reports be
    transferred to your new GP practice.
  • Thank them for their care!


* Generally, a long appointment would be required, however this may be at the discretion of your former GP.

Tip 2

  • Phone MyHealth Marketplace on (07) 3200 6191 to ensure we have received a copy of your Health Summary and Specialists letters BEFORE your GP review at MyHealth.

Tip 3

  • Book in a long appointment with a GP at MyHealth for a review specifically dedicated to transferring your medical details from the Health Summary to our computer system, and to allow time for the GP to review your specialists letters and pathology reports.